What We do

We service all states with Notice of Right to a Lien for both commercial and residential projects, but specialize in Oregon and Washington.

What does that mean? In most states, construction lien laws allow individuals or companies performing labor, furnishing material, or renting equipment in the preparation of the land or the construction of an improvement, to perfect a lien against the property if their bill is not paid. But to collect on this, you have to send a Notice of Right to a Lien first. And then follow the proper procedures to collect. We work with you to make sure all these things are managed well, so that if you need to request a lien document, everything is ready for you.


Lien Notice Masters with Our Eye on Your Profits

Building Material Dealers Association are loyal team players who know to leave ego at the door. We’re all problem solvers who believe that the complicated messes make life more interesting.

So when a lien issue pops up, we know how to navigate things and keep you on track to not just break even, but to break into profits.


Specializing in Customer Service

Our biggest concern is you and your success as a contractor or company. Customer service is a particular passion of ours. As a result, we’ve chosen to focus on Liens and Notice of Right to a Liens and not extra things like payroll or taxes or growth strategy.

Liens and Notice of Right to Liens are our greatest sttrength, our deepest experience, and bring our customers the most bang for their buck. We’re lien nerds, one and all.

Let’s put a face to that voice you hear on the phone

  • Gwyn Executive Director


    As BMDA’s Executive Director, Gwyn’s intuition is as strong as her quest for client happiness. Working with a great team makes her days go smoothly, and allows her to sink into her nights and weekends with ease. When she’s not managing work flow, financial reports and daily operations, she’s out skiing, hiking, or biking the PNW with her fab family of 4.

  • Tami Research Lead


    As research lead, Tami gets to solve all the hardest problems, like figuring out which city the 3rd house on the corner of Main and Oak is technically in. She’s also been known to fix issues simply by her proximity. (We think it’s just her 15 years as a boy scout volunteer that makes problems run away whenever she’s around.) A consummate team player, she’s greatly missed in the office whenever she’s off camping and fishing. (Except by the fish. The steelhead are especially sensitive.)

  • Debbie Research Department


    Numbers are the best part of the game for Debbie. She’s in accounts receivable, and sifts through all the ins and outs of the monthly right to lien notices, memberships, and other billables to make sure you’re getting everything you need and nothing you don’t. And when it comes to nights and weekends, she’s still chasing numbers, just on the soccer field with her family putting as many wins in the books as possible.

  • Roger Research Department


    When you need a detective to track down all the details, Roger will be your private eye. Scouring through the city planning department, public records, and tax assessor files, he’ll keep looking until he finds exactly what he needs to protect your bottom line. And if you need to know an address even if one doesn’t exist, he’s the one to label it correctly so there are no surprises in the future. (And that’s exactly how he spends his weekends — out and about hiking the unknown places with friends.)

  • Colten Customer Service Admin


    Having fostered a love of adventure early on, Colten is often planning trip itineraries after a day at the office assisting our members. His passions include reading, writing, exploring, and meeting new people.

  • Sierra Customer Service Associate


    Sierra spends her free time reading and researching to improve her skill sets; she brings the same energy into BMDA every day to aid our customers and create the best solutions possible to everyday problems. She enjoys exploring new places with her friends and learning about each place’s history almost as much as she loves music. She can often be found listening to her favorite artists as she works to get every notice out the door on time! Sierra is always happy to aid members with any issue they encounter.